Riley Moore
Chairman and
State Treasurer
Professional Expertise

Investment Advisors

In addition to the wealth of experience under our own roof, we rely on global giants UBS Global Asset Management, Federated Hermes and Sterling Capital Management to provide portfolio management. All of these organizations are among the top leading financial firms in the world, with a variety of products and services. The presence of these firms on our scene only deepens our commitment to manage your money well.

Custodian Bank

The BTI contracts with BNY Mellon to provide complex custody services that go beyond “traditional” commercial banking. BNY Mellon provides safekeeping for the BTI’s billions in security investments, arranges for settlement of purchases and sales and delivery of security transactions, posts interest and dividend income payments, and provides information on BTI’s securities and their issuers as it relates to proxies and securities litigation. The BTI integrates its technology with BNY Mellon to monitor daily cash activity that maximizes efficiency and manages risk.

Investment Consultant

The BTI partners with an investment consultant who assists in the investment policy review, provides advice through market cycles, assists in selection of investment managers and due diligence reviews, and navigates the team through complicated investment issues. Utilization of an experienced consultant provides an added layer of review, and the BTI uses such services to ensure professional management of the state’s operating funds.