Riley Moore
Chairman and
State Treasurer

The Operating Report provides a ready-to-analyze view of the BTI’s monthly operational activities including financial highlights such as total assets under management, net income, rates of return, and portfolio make-up. The Operating Reports are listed on a rolling 12 month basis.

The monthly unaudited Financial Statements provide investors a way to obtain a concise view of the BTI’s operations as well as investment balances and transactions for the Consolidated Fund. Unaudited Financial Statements include the Combining Statement of Fiduciary Net Position, Combining Statement of Changes in Fiduciary Net Position, Notes, and Other financial information useful to the reader. The Financial Statements are listed on a rolling 12 month basis.

The Performance Flash Report provides a snapshot view of the Pool’s performance compared to its benchmark for the month, quarter, year-to-date, fiscal year-to-date, 1 , 3, and 5 year periods. Performance is listed by investment manager and on a total pool basis for the rolling 12 months. The following benchmarks are used for performance measurement:

  • West Virginia Money Market Pool Benchmark: iMoneyNet First Tier Retail Average
  • West Virginia Government Money Market Pool Benchmark: iMoneyNet Government & Agency Inst. Average
  • West Virginia Short Term Bond Pool Benchmark: BofA Merrill Lynch 1-3 Year Government/Credit Index + 10 basis points

The Annual Report encompasses both the audited Annual Financial Statements and Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports (“ACFR”). The respective reports are listed for the prior four years. The audited Annual Financial Statements are required by BTI’s governing statute, WV State Code §12-6C-15. The BTI also produces the ACFR which presents a wider variety of financial information intended to help the reader properly understand the Annual Financial Statements and financial conditions as of the report date. The Annual Reports are listed for the prior four years.