Riley Moore
Chairman and
State Treasurer
Message from the Treasurer
from Chairman & State Treasurer Riley Moore

Dear Public Fund Managers,

Public finance managers have had to navigate through unprecedented economic times in recent years. But we are here to help. At the Board of Treasury Investments (BTI), we can help you manage the ups and downs of market cycles by providing ultra-safe investment options, accessibility and the opportunity for a competitive return.

The Legislature created the Board of Treasury Investments in 2005. Since then, the BTI has exemplified outstanding financial management of the state’s short-term operating funds. Year after year, the BTI has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. In addition, the Board’s two money market pools are AAAm-rated by Standard and Poor’s. This highest-possible rating is a top distinction for a money market pool and validates the safety and soundness of our investments.

West Virginia funds are best managed by West Virginians, guided by universally sound business practices and a comprehensive fiduciary duty that looks out for the best interests of our state and its citizens. That’s why I’m asking you to consider investing with the BTI. All West Virginia political subdivisions – including towns, cities, counties, boards of education and volunteer fire departments – are eligible to invest with us.

Larger investment pools provide greater economies of scale – meaning lower costs and an increased rate of return. We invest your funds using conservative and enduring values that are a mainstay of our state. We invest in West Virginia by investing a portion of our funds in West Virginia banks.

The BTI offers competitive yields and investors have the advantage of managing money daily through a secure website. I personally encourage you to evaluate the historical results of our investments and compare them to others.

We invest for you and your community.
West Virginia Values. West Virginia Money.

West Virginia State Treasurer
and Chairman of the Board