Riley Moore
Chairman and
State Treasurer
Request for Proposal/Quote

The West Virginia Board of Treasury Investments has specific West Virginia Code Authority allowing it to procure its own legal, accounting, financial services, investment managers, advisors, and consultants on behalf of the Board (§12-6C-5). 

From time to time, the BTI will issue a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) or Request for Quote (“RFQ”) to various service providers.  Potential vendors are required to complete and file the Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement, Form WV-1, and to submit the annual registration fee of $125 prior to issuance of any agreement/purchase order pursuant to a RFP or RFQ.  Form WV-1 may be found at

To be awarded a contract pursuant to a RFP/RFQ, winning bidders are required to be in good standing with all regulatory and governmental entities and be authorized to do business in West Virginia.

This page is updated on a regular basis and vendors are encouraged to check it often and take advantage of opportunities to do business with the West Virginia Board of Treasury Investments. If you have questions or experience difficulty downloading documents, please contact Alberta Kincaid at (304) 558-5000 or via email: