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The West Virginia Board of Treasury Investments (BTI) is a cornerstone of our Treasury operations, providing conservative investment opportunities to state agencies, local governments and other political entities across the state. The BTI website is designed to provide easy access to our services and give constituents a fuller understanding of the Board’s mission.

Through the years, BTI has grown and proven itself to be a successful and respected financial group. Two of our money market pools are rated AAAm by Standard & Poors, the highest bestowed on such plans. Liquidity of assets has always been an important feature of the BTI. While managing a portfolio valued at more than $6 billion, we strive to ensure the entities we serve can easily manage the more than 1500 accounts they represent. Through this website, organizations can log into iPAS, giving them the ability to track their accounts, schedule deposits and even make withdrawals.

Current rates of return and a gateway to our online certificate of deposit auctions are also easily accessible on this site. To date, our online CD auctions have deposited more than $2 billion with state banks since the program’s inception in 2006. I hope you will also take note of the qualifications of our professional investment team and the BTI’s long-term strategic plan.

As your State Treasurer, I am chairman of the BTI’s five-member board that also consists of the Governor, Auditor and two qualified appointees. We are proud of the work the BTI has and will accomplish as we responsibly invest the short-term assets of this great state.

In your service,
Riley Moore Signature

Riley Moore
West Virginia State Treasurer
Board of Treasury Investments, Chairman

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